Urban Farming is not only possible, it is crucial.
But it can't be like the farming techniques of yore.
Homaro Canto
My Education background of being a management Garduate has secured me to have held as the Top Management Executive position for most of the corporate companies I respresented and the Human side of me to have owned a HR Consulting company and finally my passion for Nature/ agriculture has shaped me into being a "Farmeress" for the rest of my life . My values, culture, ethics have been sharpened, polished very well by practical experience, knowledge and principled upbringing.

I BELIEVE strongly that my actions will echo for eternity.
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  • Hobby, urban and Commercial
    training on/off site locations.


  • Site selection-Real-estate and land selection.
  • Structure -selection of external and internal inputs with multiple vendor’s choice
  • Human resources-To form a team to execute the project- Agronomists and ground staff
  • Retail-Market linkage
  • Product development-Research and Value added Product development.


  • Customized urban farming
  • Landscaping for commercial layouts
Our Tireless Team
Chinnusamy Chandrasekaran

Agricultural Economist, Value Chain Expert, M&E expert
M.Sc. Agricultural Economics, TNAU Coimbatore, INDIA (1989).
Ph.D. (Part Time) Scholar in Agricultural Economics, TNAU, Coimbatore.
Director: Indian Green Infrastructure Network (IGIN), Bengaluru, INDIA; Green Roofs & Green Walls Association of INDIA (GGAI)
Member: Technical Committee on Soil, Compost and Mulch Standards, NParks, Singapore (2008-2012)
Member: Work Group on Compost Standards, NParks, Singapore
Member: Indian Society of Agricultural Economics, Indian Society of Ecological Economics
Approved Assessor, National Skill Development Corporation of INDIA, Agriculture Skill Council of INDIA
Food Summit 2020
Food Summit 2020
Agzon agritech live Webinar
Agzon agritech live Webinar
Global Woman Business Summit
Global Woman Business Summit
Packaging n Traceability
Packaging n Traceability
PACKAGING(Butter paper) n TRACEABILITY- Story goes 7yrs back,when we were pioneers to have the first fully automated "Greenhouse".Lessons learnt hard as we did not have any reference points and success formula.So..On foot n ground ..burnt hands n soul learnt few lessons...Less Capital. post growing led me to pack the spinach in the most sustainable packaging..BUTTER PAPER which has great "wet strength","less expensive" "highly hygienic" "can hold the UV rays" " Easy to wrap in any shape n size" was a grt find to start with.Ofcourse later,we switched to better packaging after the butter payments from clients.We were unique n hence traceability was easy.
Greatest FIND OF 2020
Greatest FIND OF 2020
My greatest FIND OF 2020.

YACON- (Smallanthus sonchifolius ( Polymnia edulis). Belongs to the sunflower family .It means “sweet,water-root

This tuber is a gut boosting super food Peruvian ground apple, Bolivian sun root, and llacon.

Mindblowing Taste-They have an appealing crunchy crispness that is a cross between apple and watermelon, laced with overtones of sugarcane.


It has been estimated that there is a 3-billion dollar market potential for prebiotics, as the world awakens to the importance of our “life within”. Our 30-foot digestive tract should house over 100 trillion organisms (ten times the total number of our own cells). This biological bank account funds every aspect of our health and wellbeing, from immune competency to mental wellness.

Know the difference-PROBIOTICS: Living strains of bacteria that add to the population of good bacteria in your digestive system. PREBIOTICS: Specialized plant fiber that acts as food for the good bacteria. This stimulates growth among the preexisting good bacteria.

YACON is Diabetic Friendly,enhances fertility,high fibre content, low calories, rich in potassium,prevents kidney ,liver problems and colon cancer.

#Yacon #Supertuber #agriculture #nutrition #prebiotic
Soil-less-It thrives in soil.less cultivation.

Medicines are just around us .

In India, Betel leaf (BL) plays an important role since ancient culture. Its use in India dates back to 400 BC. As per ancient books of Ayurveda, Charaka, Sushruta Samhitas, and Kashyapa Bhojanakalpa, the practice of chewing BL after meals became common between 75 AD and 300 AD. Toward the 13thcentury, European traveler Marco Polo recorded betel chewing among kings and nobles in India.

Betel Leaf for

Cold, Analgesic, eases constipation, aides digestion, gastric pain, bleeding nose, treats diabetes, increases hunger, promotes oral health, treats warts, respiratory issues, relives cough, bronchitis, antiseptic, antifungal, diuretic, heals wounds, improves alertness, prevents cancer, headache, earache, prevents body odor, vaginal hygiene.

Everything in moderation is good.

Drinking this concotion with honey ,cloves and cardamom is the safest way as chewing causes stains on your teeth.

Women with UTI problems can use it as a hygiene wash.This is an age old practice and an old wives testimony.

Beetle leaf wine tastes good too😊

#Beetleleaf #greengold #vocalforlocal #superherb #localwonder #nutrition #medicinal
STRAWBERRY GUAVA(psidium cattleianum)
STRAWBERRY GUAVA(psidium cattleianum)
It is a shrub or a small tree.Juiciest /succulent guava ..a bit citrussy n messy Eat...but love it.It is basically known as a travellers thirst quencher

A wild one which usually our people avoid it...if u find one try it.one fruit of this is 8 to 9 times of vitamin C of an orange.

This can tolerate poor soil conditions,adaptable to warmer climate and desease resistent.

It can be easily propogated with seeds or cuttings n graftings similar to Guava graftings.

#fruit #vitaminC #healthyfood #strawberry #loveit #wild #agriculture
Bachelor’s Button(Gomphrena)
This grows wild in India.It is cultivated for puja offerings as a stemcut .This is very easy to grow and can tolerate temp upto 40 degrees.

Dried flowers constitutes almost 71% of the flower export market.

What we need-To apply Telangana model as to advise to include in " to grow list" in high temperate zones.

In addditon,,how to market (instead of cutting the flowers ,stem can be long and used as a mixer in the flower bouquet ,It is a tough flower, and is presently used to make potpourris. It can be exported in normal temp and pàcked sustainably..It is very easily sun dried in the open and not much investment required.

A great ROI,last year tried with 2 farmers and helped them to sell locally.


Tickler facts-A general legend states this flower was worn by young men in love and if the flower faded too quickly it meant that the young lady didn’t return his love.

Happy Farming and stay safe.

#Floriculture #dryflowers #bachelorbuttons #boutiqueflowers #hightemperatezonecrop #roi #solardrying #marketing #unique #growlocal #thinkglobal #export #agriculture #telangana #bachelorbutton #cornflowers #sustainable
Purple knol khol
Purple knol khol
SUPER FOOD (CORONA VEGGIE) PURPLE KNOL KHOL (Turnip,Kholrabi)- Vitamin C is the trending Nutrionists X word.This veggie has high Vit C ,dietry fibres ,potassium and anti-oxidents.

This must be a part of everyday's Menu.
Corona phase has made us all look at our own backyard forgotten rural poor man'veggies in a diffetent light now.

Cheers to changing perspective and selling right.

Purple knol khol is more crunchier in texture and is sweeter in flavour.Soil.less grown is more tender and a good scorer in all measures of vitamins.

Growing in coir.pith with more fibre and gravel is better for this veggie.Draining and root health is very important.seeds r available online.

#kholrabl #knolkhol #hydroponics #soilless #dietyfibre #potassium #vitaminc #turnips #magnesium #nutrition #vitamins #coronatimes
Addressing the Nation at "INDIAN TECHNOLOGY CONGRESS" and being awarded admist the Scientists and Agri leaders are my best audience I could ever ask for.

#agri #india #awarded #scientists #leaders #Futuristicfarming #futuristic #Hydroponics #Aquaponics #Aeroponics #led #containerfarming #hitechfarming #greenhouses #controlledenvironment #humandigitization #futureintelligence.
In local language it is ‘’AATI SOPPU’’ …….This is the most natural way of detoxification. It purifies ''BLOOD ''and has 18 medicinal properties .It is said that, if the juice extracts is consumed , it generates heat and stabilizes the body temperature.

Since the Pushaya rains are horrible, cold windy and rains heavily, it brings shivers in the body. Since the leaves of the plant have been used as extract in Aati Masa it is called “Aati Soppu” in Arekannada and “Maddu Toppu” In COORG/Malenadu.

This emits a sweet unique fragrance and are consumed in the form of ‘’KHEER or concoction of jaggery and hot water. It is said that, by drinking this urinary track is cleansed.These shrubs/leaves reach their genetic potential at the end of July n August.

#naturalmedicine #plant #local #unique #fragrance #juice #detoxification #researchproject
Project Red
Project Red
Solar drying – Being on the right side of RED in corona times

We should have learnt our lessons long back when KGF roads were adorned with red tomatoes signifying hopelessness and helplessness 6yrs back…it happens almost every year in some pockets where demand/supply balance topples ,or logistics issues or untimely generoisity of Rain Gods.It happened this yr too.


1. Roll out ‘’solar drying yards’’ spaces on rent to do sun dried tomatoes or veggies
2. Roll out some programs for teaching this ‘’instant products ,buy an sell in their HOPCOM’S’’
3. Roll out community and collective approach with sustainibility.

I did roll out to help ‘’my urban farmers’’ to dry the excess into sun-dried tomatoes an also to sell it to the local Gated communities .I have also approached some right sources to initiate the same in ‘’Larger picture’’.Material used-Stone slabs washed with salt n neem...tin sheets..or even bamboo woven mats..only d first pic source is internet LETS WAIT AND WATCH.

#solardrying #iamnotyourregularfameress #agriculture #soil-less cultuvation #community #collective approach #wayforaward #logistics #urbanfarming #agripolicymakers #leadera #innovation #opportunity #coronotimes
Research & Development
Research & Development
Research and development has been very intense and will herald some breakthroughs in the coming years.Many miles to walk before I sleep.

Tks Folks for ur motivation# #innovation #healthcare #startups #healthtech #futureofwork #mentored #breakthroughs #bestofIndia
SURINAM/Brazillian/Bermuda cherries
SURINAM/Brazillian/Bermuda cherries
How did it come into existence in INDIA.That too in mysore n coorg belt.So the folk lore goes to say that"British soldier's wine barter for a night camp in the farmers shed " was the origin of it.So these wine would have the berries seeds which the farmers n soldiers consumed n spat on the soil.

These cherries have highest percentage of vitamin C..they are anticancerous and the best for Gut clearance.It is a rare taste....sweet..sour n bitter.

#agriculture #cherries #britishera #vintagetimes #history #coorg #surinamcherries #barbados cherries # folklor
SURINAM/Brazillian/Bermuda cherries
NABARD BAMBOOFIED"- My debut in Landscaping is inked n marked with Bamboo.It is very soul satifisfying that Iam greening the city with Bamboo in landscaping and planting of Bamboo in various parts of the city.

#nabard #greening #planting #Bengaluru #bamboo #landscaping #walkthetalk.

The venue is in Bengaluru,kempegowda road. After 2 months ,u will get to see to purple n yellow flowers adorning the structure.Tks Saqib n kunal
LED Hydropincs Presentation for the Prime Minister Modi
LED Hydropincs Presentation for the Prime Minister Modi
Showcasing High tech farming to the Chief Minister
Showcasing High tech farming to the Chief Minister
Chief Guest & Inaguration of Simply Farms
Chief Guest & Inaguration of Simply Farms
Indian Representative of Hydroponics for Botswana
Indian Representative of Hydroponics for Botswana
Publishing of article in an National Defence Magazine
Publishing of article in an National Defence Magazine
Soilless Gardening India Magazine, Feb 14
Soilless Gardening India Magazine, Feb 14
Article in Prajavani
Article in Prajavani, Bangalore
Here's What They Say
I have known Ms. Sangeeta Bojapa Moorthy for several years by now. She is dedicated farmer and a passionate hydroponics expert. Read More...
Ashok Dalwai, IAS
Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
I know Sangeeta since her PetBharo days and I still recall the support that she had extended to our Bharti Walmart stores for supply of high quality Palak from her hydroponic project in Bangalore. It was first of its kind at the time and she could prove that it was commercially viable for a Fresh Produce like Palak.
She has been in touch with our new venture for creating forward linkages for her many projects of her associates. She is an amazing lady with great passion for out of the box thinking in this space. Her dedication to the hydroponics technology and making it relevant even for the urban population who have limited space for farming.
I believe her continued efforts in making the Hydroponics technology popular and successful has started showing results and I wish her all the very best and would like to work with her in any project of mutual interests.
Lakshmipriyan , VG | CEO
FarmFolks Agro Pvt Ltd.
I have known Mrs. Sangeeta Bojappa Moorthy for past three years by now. She has dedicated her career into agriculture and has excelled to greater heights. Read More...
Dr. N Bharati, Founder Director
Growmore BioTech LTD